Whether you want to put in a flower garden or plant some vegetables, if you have poor soil quality or live in an arid climate, building a raised garden may be your only viable option. Even if you live in a perfect climate and have always had a garden, constructing a raised garden affords you some advantages over a standard on-the-ground garden.

The only requirements are that you want to make sure that it’s level, that you have a place with plenty of sunshine, and that you’re able to give the plant’s roots enough room to grow, which is generally about six inches. If you want to grow vegetables and you’re using lumber, make sure that it’s not treated wood.

The advantages of a raised garden

Easier on the body

Since it’s higher, there’s less wear and tear on your knees and back.

Smaller area

Gives you more control and more plant productivity per square foot.

Fewer pests

Not necessarily insects, but a raised garden eliminates damage caused by rabbits, moles and gophers.

Less expensive to maintain

You’ll use less water and less pesticides because your growing area is concentrated.

Fewer weeds

Since it’s elevated, you’re less likely to see weeds, especially if you put down a weed barrier.

Better water retention

In areas that have sandy soil, it’s difficult to ensure that your plants are getting enough water.

Better drainage

In areas with clay soils, water doesn’t drain, which can damage the roots.

Limits soil compaction

Since you’re not walking through the garden while working, the soil stays nice and loose.

Warmer soil

This is essential for helping roots establish earlier in the season and makes it possible to extend your growing season.

Less soil erosion

The frame provides a barrier to erosion.


You can put a raised garden anywhere and make it any shape. You can even put one on your deck.


Build your new plot out of reclaimed materials, including cinder blocks, wood or stone for the walls.

Interested in building a raised bed for flowers or vegetables?

Here’s a great video about how to build a raised garden bed. #How to Build a Raised Garden 

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