Talking dirty: Places in our homes that we need to clean more often

It’s easy to think of toilets, sinks, countertops and floors when you’re thinking about cleaning the house. But the surfaces of some areas in your home are breeding grounds for all kinds of germs, bacteria and mold.

Here are some areas of your home that you may not clean regularly, but need to start.


Dust mites collect over time in mattresses; so many, in fact, that the weight of your mattress can double in 10 years. Exposure to dust mites can cause allergic reactions, sinus pain and even asthma attacks. Experts recommend using dust mite-proof casings on pillows and mattresses.


Window blinds are great places for dust to collect, which can lead to allergy attacks. Make sure to dust every two weeks with a lamb’s wool or microfiber duster.


Most people forget to wash the comforter on their bed. It should be laundered once a month to remove germs and allergens.

Computer area

It’s said that a messy desktop is a sign of genius. Not really. It can be a sign of bacteria, germs and maybe mold, especially if you eat at your desk. Keep disinfecting wipes around so you can clean your desk and electronic wipes to keep equipment clean.


Bugs inevitably find their way to lamps and end up dying in the fixtures of floor lamps and overhead lights. Make sure to de-bug when you dust.

Remote control

Think about who handles the remote control, how often and when. Remotes should be wiped down with electronics wipes several times a week.

Refrigerator coil

The coils are located in the back or behind the base grille and if they get covered in dust, they won’t release heat, which makes the compressor work harder. Eventually, the refrigerator will not be able to maintain proper temperature. Brush-off the dust and vacuum the coils every six months.


Even though the shower is most generally associated with cleanliness, it’s a prime environment for mold and mildew. Make sure your bathroom is properly ventilated.

Trash cans

Indoor trash cans should be washed at least monthly to combat germs and bacteria. Fill the cans with hot water and dish soap. Let them sit for an hour, then wipe dry. Spray the inside with disinfectant before putting a new bag in.


Walls can be a place where dust gathers, especially around crown molding and baseboards.

Washing machines

Mold can be a problem in the new, front-load washing machines, especially around the door. Wipe down the door regularly and leave the door open between loads so it can dry out properly. Consider running a sanitize cycle with bleach to disinfect the machine once a month.

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