Selling a Home in Indianapolis, IN

Time to sell? Here's what LifeStyle Realty can do for you.

If you’ve sold a home before, or you know someone who has, then you realize the process is much more complicated than simply putting a sign in the yard and waiting for a buyer to come along. To sell your home quickly – at the price you want – you need the help of a real-estate agent who can market your property to a large audience of potential buyers.

With LifeStyle Realty, you’ll work with an agent who will:

  • Evaluate your home to determine an appropriate market value.
  • Discuss ways you can improve your home to increase your asking price.
  • Prepare a detailed listing sheet for prospective buyers.
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing campaign, to include multiple listing services (MLS), the Internet and other forms of promotion.
  • Arrange showings by other agents.
  • Present offers from buyers and negotiating the final transaction.
  • Finalize the terms of the sale contract.

Top Tips for Home Sellers:

Before you sell your home, consider these five tips to ensure your experience is a success.

Tip No. 1: Seek professional help.

Turn to a LifeStyle Realty agent who can help you get the most from your property. Your agent will help you understand the selling process and offer valuable knowledge and expertise when it comes to pricing and negotiating the sale.

Tip No. 2: Spruce it up.

Your real-estate agent can point out ways to improve your home’s interior and boost curb appeal to maximize its value. We'll help you focus on little things that make a big difference to buyers. Some simple ideas may include a thorough cleaning, fresh paint or new landscaping. You’ll also want to cut out household clutter and take care of maintenance issues that require attention (leaky faucets, slow drains, etc.).

Tip No. 3: Name your price.

Ask your real-estate agent for a listing of recent home sales in your neighborhood and the surrounding area. Your LifeStyle agent will provide you a free competitive market analysis (CMA), which will show comparable homes that have recently sold, currently on the market, currently under contract and those that were on the market, but weren't sold. Those currently on the market are consider your "competition". Those recently sold will help you determine your sale price.

Tip No. 4: To market, to market.

Ensure you work with an agent who offers a solid marketing plan for your home. This is necessary in order to promote your property to the widest possible audience of potential buyers. Some effective means of advertising may include multiple listing services (MLS), an open house, classified ads, a for-sale sign and networking.

Tip No. 5: Keep it clean.

So long as your home is on the market, keep it perenially clean to make a great impression of prospective buyers.

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